SEM Scanner Overview

Making Pressure Ulcer Prevention Possible

The SEM Scanner™, is a hand-held, portable, skin tissue assessment device that detects early, pressure-induced tissue damage – including pressure ulcers and Deep Tissue Injuries (DTI)s. It does this by detecting changes in sub-epidermal moisture (SEM), a biophysical marker associated with localized edema and tissue fluid in the inflammatory phase. SEM has been found to indicate tissue damage 3-10 days before visual skin damage or pressure ulcer formation.

The SEM Scanner™ has been successfully used in practice to generate real-time insight to confirm early detection of tissue damage and to target interventions, leading to lower incidence, earlier recovery and lower costs of care.


Developed by one of the world's leading wound care experts for use by clinicians.



Empowering a Best New Practice

The SEM Scanner™ raises the bar for accuracy and speed.

  • Up to 90% true positive and 86% true negative results
  • Real-time status of tissue health before visual indications of skin ulceration is evident

Better Information, Better Care

Successfully used to generate real-time insight for targeted intervention

  • Improved outcomes - Projected 40% reduction pressure ulcer incidence
  • Effective detection even when visual symptoms are ambiguous
  • Applicable across all skin tones

Easy to Learn, Easy to Use

Designed by a clinician for clinicians, the SEM Scanner received high-ratings for ease of use and ease of implementation

  • 91% were able to use the device correctly with only 10 minutes of training
  • Easily incorporated into clinical workflow

Cost-Savings Solution

Significant ROI - pays for itself by preventing just a few pressure ulcers

  • Lower cost of care from targeted intervention, reduced incidence and severity
  • Improved nursing efficiency - enables providers to focus resources on only true pressure ulcers
  • Faster recovery time and shorter patient stays free up available beds
  • Documentation to support reduced HAPU penalties and Harm Free Care, Safety Thermometer, and CQUIN Payments in the UK


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Sub-epidermal Moisture (SEM): A clinical breakthrough

Sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) – sometimes referred to as interstitial fluid – is associated with localised edema in the inflammatory phase. This phase is the body’s first response to tissue damage and is indicative of impending skin damage and pressure ulcer formation.

In studies, SEM has been found to:

  • Indicate symptoms of “subclinical disease” such as inflammation, 3-10 days before pressure ulcer formation or related symptoms are visible on the skin’s surface
  • Differentiate between healthy skin and skin with pressure-induced tissue damage, even in patients with dark skin tones
  • SEM is the most innovative technology in pressure ulcer detection.        

SEM Scanner: Innovative Technology to make PUs a thing of the past

“We hope these devices will provide us with another way of shielding vulnerable patients from the unnecessary pain that pressure ulcers cause.  Trying out new technologies complements our pressure ulcer reduction strategy and helps us to contribute to the Trust’s ‘Sign up to Safety’ pledge to reduce avoidable harm to patients by 50% over three years.”

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