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Wounds UK: An overview of pressure ulcer risk assessment tools

Pressure ulcers are believed to largely be preventable, but it is critical to identify the people most at risk and deliver timely preventative care. All of today's "tools" to identify those at risk have some shortcomings. Newer ways of identifying at-risk areas rather than at-risk patients are just starting to be developed and used.

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Pressure Ulcers: An Overview of a Painful Problem

An overview of pressure ulcers, including their classification and areas of greatest susceptibility. In addition, this white paper details the health and financial impacts of pressure ulcer development.


Pressure Ulcer Formation: Patient Populations at Highest Risk

The pathophysiology of pressure ulcer formation, progression, and healing; also discussed are the patient populations at highest risk for developing pressure ulcers, and why.


Can Pressure Ulcers Be Prevented?

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